Adjusting My Make-Up

30 06 2007


Sudah dua jam saya duduk di depan laptop (mostly while listening to Dir en grey) buat ngurus blog, terutama tampilan luarnya.

Do not judge the book by its cover.

Yeah, I know. But some people (ini this case, ME) just don’t do it. Hey, that saying just getting older and older… I mean, pada jaman sekarang ini siapa sih yang gak menilai kulit luar seseorang slash sesuatu? Musik, pilem, buku, even people! Like it or not, they’re being judged!

Hey, so what’s with the title? Oh, that? Nothing, I just remember this one song by Tokyo Jihen (arranged by one of my fave composer, Shiina Ringo). The lyrics aren’t really connected (read it here) in any way. But talking about judging by its cover, she (Ringo) is one of the best cover I’ve ever seen. Her music, her performance. Really classy. That’s how it’s connected, I guess… I wish I could see her live, someday.

Well, I’m usingĀ  Freshy themes by Julien De Luca. I don’t know, I think I’ll change the header… or maybe I should change the themes?

Arrghh.. Making ME statisfied is so hard…




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