15 07 2007

After written some reviews, I think it’s time to write more personal thing…

How do you feel now?
I feel dirty. I’ve been better.

Dirty? What does that mean?
Just dirty. Not sexually related. In anyway.

Do you feel anything else?
I do. I feel hope.  Dying hope. I don’t know. I think I messed up in the past. Or maybe even now. Dunno.

Ahem… So what hope? Hope for the future, like that kind of thing?
Yes. I want to be the happiest man in the world. It’s as simple as that. Oh, and I believe I need someone to be one. A woman.

What? Well, well… kind of too musical, aren’t we? So? Have you done something to achieve that?
No… And I believe, while some people may do that easily, I’ll be way too hard for me…. That’s what I think. Yes, I’m a pessimist.

Er… uh, I kinda out of question. Partially your fault, actually. Could we end this?
Yes, please.

Well, thank you for your time!
Hmm… what an idiot am I for answering me myself. Your welcome! Take care!




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